Zambia says ICGLR is a platform for peace understanding

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Zambia’s representatives at the ongoing International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) summit in Luanda, Angola have said the sub-regional body was a good platform for strengthening capacities towards restoring and maintaining peace in all member countries.


Special Envoy to the Great Lakes Region and National Coordinator for Zambia, Solomon Mumbi and Zambia’s Ambassador to Angola Barbara Chilangwa said the Great Lakes Region summit’s resolve to address security situations facing the Central African Republic and South Sudan was an indication of the continent’s maturity in resolving its own issues.


General Mumbi noted that despite Zambia not having had experienced war in the past, it benefits from the regional body because all the members states of great lakes work and implement programmes to prevent and end wars together.

He praised the United Nations and the African Union for reaffirming their commitments during the inter-ministerial committee meeting that they would work closely with the Great Lakes Region to restore peace in countries that are facing security problems.

He further stated that the meetings for national coordinators and the inter-ministerial committee meetings have been sitting to look at how the security situation in Central African Republic and South Sudan could be resolved and make recommendations to the heads of state and government summit which opens tomorrow.

And Zambia’s Ambassador to Angola Barbara Chilangwa, who today attended the regional inter-ministerial committee meeting for Ministers of Foreign Affairs on behalf of Zambia’s Foreign Affairs Minister Wylbur Simuusa, told ZANIS that the sub-regional body was on the right path by sitting to resolve issues in the two troubled countries.

Meanwhile the Ugandan Minister of Foreign Affairs Sam Kutesa has handed over the chairmanship to his Angolan counterpart George Rebelo Pinto Chicoti with a call for support from all the member states and stakeholders.