Two Zambians, one Dutch in court for obtaining money by false pretence

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–Three business men have appeared before a Mongu Magistrate Court in Western Province on one count of obtaining money by false pretence which involves two Zambians and one Dutch national.


Before Mongu Magistrate, Humphrey Chishala, were Yvovan Doesburge, aged 40, a Dutch national, Kakoma Kambututu, aged 38, and Mubita Litungi, aged 31, who stood charged with one count of obtaining money by false pretence contrary to the penal code 309 chapter 87 of the Laws of Zambia.


Facts before the court are that on October 20, 2013, the two accused Zambians -Mbututu and Litungi – pretended to have known a Dutch man called Doesburge allegedly dealing in old Northern Rhodesia currencies such as 1947 3d and 3pense imbedded King George in exchange for US dollars.


The Court heard that on October 20, 2013, whilst in Mongu district and while acting together, Mbututu and Litungi went to Namakando Mukelebayi, aged 64, a business man of Imwiko Compound in Mongu district and obtained K2O, OOO pretending that they would pay him 100, 000 US Dollars should they sell it to the Dutch national when in fact not.


The complainant told the Court that the two accused Zambians on the said date pretended to approach him separately that there was a Dutch man buying old currency in question but had known the person having such coins when they were one and the same buying the coins at a cost of K20,000 in view of making profit.


The court noted that after the plaintiff bought the old coin he was taken to the Dutch man for selling and further said the Dutch pretended that he was going to buy the old notes after withdrawing money from a bank when in fact not.


But when called by the Mongu Magistrate Court for plea, all pleaded not guilty to the charge and   asked for bail application which  Magistrate Chishala  refused and has stated that most people who are on bail are finding fake excuse of not appearing before the court .