Rains leave 20,000 homeless


WEEKEND of heavy rains has destroyed houses in Mazabuka, leaving 20,000 people in Kalama Ward homeless and in need of relief aid, Mazabuka District Commissioner, Eugene Munyama has said.
Mr Munyama said the houses were destroyed following a heavy downpour experienced in Chief Mwanachingwala’s area.
The District Disaster Management Committee was making frantic efforts to address the problem by supplying tents and other necessities to the affected families.
Mr Munyama said in an interview yesterday that an assessment of the damage and the needs for the affected people had not yet been carried
out due to impassible roads leading to the affected area.
He said the collapsed houses were in Manyaana area.
“Apparently there has been a lot of rain in the past weeks in Mazabuka and the worst part is that the houses for the affected people
were made out of mud and so they were easily destroyed by the heavy rains.
“We are working round the clock to handle the problem before carrying out an assessment on the vulnerability of these people, that is when the DMMU under the Vice-President’s Office will be engaged,” Mr Munyama said.
He said the continuing heavy rains might worsen the situation.
“We are just waiting for the rains to reduce so that we move in and deliver tents to the affected people.
“The social welfare department is also at hand to provide assistance and also the epidemic preparedness team is active to ensure there is no disease outbreak in the affected community,” he said.