Govt condemns lawlessness among political party cadres

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–Government has condemned the growing culture of lawlessness among political party cadres in the country.

Acting Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, Fackson Shamenda, says government is particularly concerned with political leaders using vulnerable people to engage in acts of lawlessness.

Mr Shamenda, who is also Labour Minister, said Zambia has nothing to learn from such selfish acts which only plant seeds of lawlessness disunity and disorder in the nation.

His remarks come in the wake of yesterday’s fracas at Woodlands Police Station where opposition UPND cadres clashed with police when their leader, Hakainde Hichilema, was summoned.

Mr Shamenda said government is disappointed that the confusion happened in total disregard of prior police warning for the UPND cadres to stay away from the police station when their leader is summoned.

In a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today, Mr Shamenda said government will not allow acts of deliberate provocation of law enforcement agencies in their course of duty to maintain law and order.

And Mr Shamenda said government finds it unacceptable attacks by MMD vice president for politic, Michael Kaingu, that the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) is allegedly shielding corrupt ministers.

Mr Shamenda challenged Mr Kaingu not to use malicious allegations in the media against government leaders which he cannot substantiate.

He said the fact that there are many cases of alleged corruption being investigated and before the courts of law is a testimony that there are no sacred cows in the fight against corruption.