Blind activist calls for enrolment of blind children

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As schools open, a blind and disability activist, Elijah Ngwale, has called upon all stake holders, department of social welfare and communities to facilitate the enrolment of blind children in learning institutions.


Mr Ngwale reminds Person’s Disabilities Act number 6 states that persons with disabilities shall not be excluded from free primary, secondary and higher education.


He also said that Act number 12 states that persons with disabilities shall access an inclusive education and receive the support they require to enable them progress in education institutes.


He said this in a telephone interview in Lusaka today.


Mr Ngwale said that the act also states that a parent, guardian, custodian of a child with disabilities shall enrol the child with disabilities in a school as long as the child is in a school going age.


He said that blind children should be educated like him so that they do not end up suffering in the future.


He urged the media to make sure that they advertise and encourage the blind people to go to school and get an education.