Traditional leader in Luwingu hail PF govt for mobile hospitals

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Traditional leader in Luwingu hail PF govt for mobile hospitals


Luwingu, 9th January 2014-ZANIS- A senior village headman Mucheleka in chief Chipalo area in Luwingu district of the Northern Province has praised the Patriotic front (PF) government for the continuous use of mobile hospitals in rural areas.


Village headman Mucheleka said the use of mobile hospitals have greatly benefited many rural dwellers in matters of health as opposed to the past experiences where sick people did not have access to quality treatment such as provided by unit.


The village headman whose real name is Peter Mucheleka said the continuous use of mobile hospitals by the PF government has given an opportunity to rural community access medical treatment.


The village headman who is also the father of Lubansenshi Member of Parliament Patrick Mucheleka castigated politicians including his son Patrick Mucheleka  for opposing president Mr Michael Chilufya Sata’s developmental agenda.


Mr Mucheleka who is opposed to his son said that the efforts by the PF government are now evident and every well meaning Zambian can testify to what is obtaining on the ground in all the districts in the province and the country at large.


“We have seen unprecedented developments in Kasama the provincial headquarters and in Luwingu where the rural electrification programme is underway to connect Laurent Chita, Njeke, Ipusukilo, Makolongo and Saili in chief Chipalo area of Lubansenshi constituency,” he said.


He appealed to his son Patrick Mucheleka to be focused and to avoid unnecessary attacks on the ruling patriotic front and the president.


Village headman Mucheleka further said that Patrick should refrain from making unwarranted attacks and comments which might be a danger to the national security and his personal political development.  


He said all peace loving Zambians should support President Michael for unprecedented developments the districts have benefited from the government since 2011.


Mr Mucheleka said people in Lubansenshi constituency in particular are not happy with the conduct of his son and his negative attitude toward the ruling party.


He has advised his son to be careful in the manner he carries himself in politics or else this may be his last term in office.


“The people are happy with the developments going on and who is Patrick to oppose president Sata? Mucheleka is on record to having opposed president Banda together with his colleague Father Frank Bwalya and the two campaigned for Mr Sata and why change the goal posts today,” he lamented.


The village head observed that all districts countrywide have at least  a road been maintained or  constructed to bituminous standard or hospital being constructed or secondary school being built, the thing he described as beneficial to the common man.


He said people opposing PF government on development activities were doing so because of jealous and are there to undermine the efforts of the president.


A senior village headman Mucheleka said opposition political parties should not oppose government but give constructive criticism for the benefit of the nation.


Mr Patrick Mucheleka MP was recently in his constituency where he had a series of meeting with his subjects antagonizing himself on the matter concerning Chief Chitimukulu and government.


Meanwhile the village headman appealed to senior party officials to desist from bickering and instead concentrate on building the party through collective thinking.


He urged them to stop inciting people on who should be the next president because the current constitution allows the incumbent president another term of office.


The traditional ruler said the current president, whose first term expires in 2016 has still the jurisdiction to contest for presidency and no one has a right to de-campaign him when he is still in authority.