Killings sadden church


Two church mother bodies have described the spate of killings that have recently rocked the country as unfortunate.


Commenting on a Lusaka man of Chalala area who allegedly killed his two children after forcing them to drink poisonous substances yesterday, Council of Churches in Zambia General Secretary Susanne Matale said it was sad that some parents have not shown regard to the lives of their children.


Reverend Matale said the uncalled for killings could be as a result of society’s loss of direction.


The clergywoman explained that the Zambian society has lost direction and therefore needs to be re-organised.


Rev. Matale said stories of parents taking the lives of their children make sad readings noting that the development is unaccepted


She observed that government has paid more attention to infrastructure development while overlooking the human development.


She said time has come to wake up and pay attention to the needs of human development.


Rev. Matale noted that government should not leave the human development aspect to the church alone but should be actively involved in promoting it.


She however expressed optimism that killings will reduce if emphasis is placed much on human development,


And when asked if the church has failed to promote Christian norms and values due to the escalating killings of innocent children, Rev. Matale argued and said the church has played a pivotal role in preaching and promoting love among the Christian community.


Meanwhile, Apostolic Prophetic Network (APN) acting secretary Edward Mulilo Mbaso said it was saddening that some parents take the lives of their children despite Zambia being a Christian nation.


Bishop Mbaso explained that the killings the country is experiencing were purely demonic and fulfilling the biblical prophecy.


He wondered why the killings have escalated despite many churches coming up everywhere in the country.