Keagan Mumba appeals FAZ over CAF-A Coaches Licence

Keagan Mumba
ZANACO coach, Keagan Mumba has appealed to the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) to enable him finish the Confederation of African Football (CAF)-A Coaches Licence course, at home.

 Mumba, who is currently admitted at the University Teaching Hospital in Lusaka, was among the 25 local coaches attending the CAF A Licence which is highest coaching qualification on the continent before he got sick.

 The 2011 COSAFA Under winning coach, said it was his wish to complete the CAF course and was hoping that FAZ would allow him complete the course by sitting for examinations at home owing to his health.

 He said this when Zambia Sports Fans Association (ZASOFA) strong Peter Makembo, former Zambia Under-20 team manager Gift Chaipa and football administrator Keith Mwewa visited him at UTH yesterday.

 And Makembo urged Mumba to remain strong during this period and called on FAZ to consider granting the former Zambia Under-20 coach his wish.

Times of Zambia


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