Govt cautions Proflight over their passengers’ safety


Government has urged Proflight Zambia to look at their planes seriously to ensure that the safety of their customers is enhanced.

Transport and Communications Minister Yamfwa Mukanga says his Ministry is yet to receive a consultative report on what occurred when a proflight plane which was flying to Solwezi from Lusaka developed a fault and was forced to return back to Lusaka twenty minutes after takeoff.

Mr. Mukanga says government wants to see that all aviation companies provide their passengers with effective security and ensure that their lives are safeguarded.

Mr. Mukanga adds that government has taken this matter very seriously and will follow it up to see what exactly transpired.

He states that such things should be avoided by Proflight as they make their customers lose confidence in them and seek services elsewhere.



  1. The incident was caused by a minor fault in the fan that circulates air in the aircraft cabin. This fan has nothing to do with the aircraft engines, avionics or pressurisation system.
    The incident was fully investigated by the Department of Civil Aviation and the aircraft returned to service in accordance with procedures once the investigation was complete.

  2. Ok… Some FACTS.
    firstly, ALL zambian registered aircraft are banned by the EU. That includes the presidents chopper and private jet. This is nothing to do with the physical safety of the aircraft. The main reason is that the regulatory authority that oversees zambian aviation is a govt department (Department of Civil Aviation, DCA) as opposed to an independent and autonomous authority. The DCA is currently working very hard to effect this changeover and the legislation to make this happen has been through the parliamentary process and has been approved. The ban is likely to be lifted within the next few months. THE BAN IS APPLICABLE TO ALL 9J (Zambian) AIRCRAFT AND IS A REGULATORY ISSUE ONLY.

    Secondly, ALL air carriers worldwide have “incidents” such as this. You show me an incident free carrier and i show you a horse with wings. Rather than railing against the airline, why not praise the pilots for keeping calm, doing the right thing and putting the plane back on the ground safely?

    As for the media, well headlines such as “ROUTINE INCIDENT ON AIRCRAFT, PROCEDURES FOLLOWED! NO DEATHS!” Do not sell papers.

    This is simply scaremongering and should be treated as such.

    I am an aviation professional and i do not work for proflight.

  3. They are now scaring us. I was suppose to fly with them from Mongu to Lsk.