SIM registration deadline extended

Yamfwa Mukanga
Yamfwa Mukanga

Government has announced the extension of the SIM Card registration exercise up to 31st January, 2014.

Zambia Information and Technology Communication (ZICTA) had set 31st December, 2013 as the deadline for all subscribers to register their SIM cards with their respective mobile service provider or be deactivated.

Speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka today, Transport and Communications Minister, Yamfwa Mukanga,says as at 30th December, 2013, a total of six point eight million subscribers had registered their SIM cards out of a Mobile Service Subscriber base of ten point three million.

Mr. Mukanga says the extension is meant to facilitate for those in remote areas and those that have not had the chance to register their SIM cards to do so or risk having their SIM cards de-activated.

Mr. Mukanga notes that all SIM registration points have from yesterday been overwhelmed with queues of people trying to register their SIM Cards.

The Minister has since warned that there will be no further extension after the 31st January deadline and that those who will not register their SIM cards will be disconnected.