PF Govt urged to show maturity in 2014

PF Cadres Boostele photo (1)
PF Cadres Boostele photo (1)
Open Society Foundation (OSF) has observed that Zambians want to see more maturity in 2014 and less arrogance from Government when they engage other stakeholders.

OSF Executive Director, Sunday Chanda, has told QFM News in an interview that there is a maturity that PF must demonstrate in 2014, going forward because Zambians hate dictatorship and any semblance of it.

MR. Chanda says his organization will stand ready to offer continuous verdicts on Government’s failures to make democratic real whenever they fail.

He adds that as we enter 2014, it will be two years before 2016 and PF Government should be ready for more robust and honest engagement as society begins to demand for more tangible delivery of goods and services and better lives for Zambians.

Mr. Chanda furthermore adds that in 2014, the PF Government must wean itself of its morbid fear for the Opposition and any other divergent views.

The OSF Executive Director states that Government’s arrogance on the constitution, mealie meal prices and banning the sale of customary land without engaging the chiefs and their subjects is appalling and detrimental.