Pro – GBM cadres rampage …As they disrupt PF meeting at Kasama Council Chambers

PF Cadres Boostele photo (1)
PF Cadres Boostele photo (1)
PATRIOTIC Front (PF) cadres allegedly aligned to former Defence Minister Geoffrey Mwamba yesterday disrupted a closed-door meeting held by the party’s provincial executive by setting off fireworks at the Kasama Council Chambers.

One person was injured by one of the firecrackers that were set off by the group that arrived in hired motor vehicles.

Eyewitnesses said after the fireworks were set off, confusion followed as the two groups confronted each other while the meeting by the provincial executive was disrupted.

The attackers fled as the other group rushed to Kasama Central Police Station to report the matter.

Northern Province Police Chief Mary Chikwanda, who confirmed the clash by the PF cadres, said a complaint was filed at Kasama Central Police Station.

“No arrests have been made yet but we are investigating the matter,” Ms Chikwanda said.

According to insiders present when the fracas occurred, the meeting chaired by PF Northern Province secretary Everest Chella was held to prepare for the arrival of four members of the ruling party’s central committee in Kasama today.

When contacted, Mr Chella also confirmed the incident and said about 24 provincial executive members had met at the council chambers.

“We had a meeting to plan for tomorrow’s function because we are expecting some party officials to come to Kasama tomorrow.

“But we just saw people begin throwing fireworks into the room where we held our meeting and one of our officials suffered a minor injury as he was bruised,” Mr Chella said.

He said among the senior party officials expected in Kasama today are Finance Deputy Minister Miles Sampa and Freedom Sikazwe.

Mr Mwamba said recently that he had set his prospects on establishing himself as a commercial farmer and maintained that his resignation from Government was final.

Mr Mwamba, who announced on Monday that he had resigned his Government portfolio due to conflict of interest related to outstanding issues between Government and the Bemba Traditional Council, however, said he was still a bonafide member of the PF.

He told journalists that he had been given an ultimatum to choose between his continued association with Paramount Chief Chitimukulu-designate Henry Kanyanta Sosala or being in President Michael Sata’s Cabinet.

Mr Mwamba, however, said he could not sever his relations with the Chitimukulu because the latter was his grandfather.

When asked about the public speculation that he would rescind his decision owing to an episode in 2010 when he withdrew his resignation as Kasama Central Member of Parliament, Mr Mwamba said such a notion had not crossed his mind this time.

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