‘Jesus’ in Kitwe just in time for Xmas

Bupete Chishimba of house number 0355, Mindolo East Township, KITWE
With a day to go before Christmas, a 39-year-old man of Kitwe’s Mindolo township claiming to be ‘Jesus’ has resurfaced after he was ruthlessly ‘lynched’ by some members of the public last year after pulling a similar stunt that almost cost him his life.

He is telling people to accept him as the true son of God.
His real name is Bupete Chishimba of house number 0355, Mindolo East Township, and last year he was ruthlessly beaten by irate Kitwe residents, who described his message as blasphemous and an insult to the Christian faith.
But Mr Chishimba, who is now calling himself ‘Jesus of Kitwe’, insists he is the son of God and urged members of the public to embrace his teachings and prophecies.
“In 1999, I received a calling from God through a lightning; he told me that I’m his anointed son. I’m urging members of the public to accept me as a son of God. I’m ‘Jesus of Kitwe’,” he said.
Mr Chishimba said in a statement released in Kitwe that unlike Jesus of Nazareth, who had 12 disciples, he has 24 followers who have come to understand and embrace his teachings.
He said according to the prophecies, all the political governments in the world will be abolished and that the kingdom of God will rein forever.
Mr Chishimba also said all the churches in the world will be dissolved because the ‘Jesus of Kitwe’ will introduce his chosen and faithful church, where all people will be able to worship God in truth and in faithfulness.
He also urged church leaders from different denominations to embrace his teachings because they are truthful and based on God’s teaching.
Mr Chishimba wondered why some church leaders use phrases such as the ‘Bible says’ when delivering sermons, when the Holy book ‘does not have a mouth’.
He said the church leaders should focus on preaching the word of God for the salvation of mankind and that they should learn to lend a helping hand to the poor.
But Come and See Church Ministries church overseer, Joseph Banda said Mr Chishimba should seek serious spiritual intervention because his claims are unfounded and are not based on biblical principles.
“It is wrong for any man to claim to be a son of God, why should Jesus only appear in Kitwe and not in any other countries or towns.
Mr Chishimba’s teachings and claims are unfounded,” Mr Banda said.
And Copperbelt acting commissioner of police Joyce Kasosa advised Kitwe residents to ignore the man claiming to be Jesus and to refrain from beating him.
And when asked if the man can be arrested for blasphemy, Ms Kasosa explained that blasphemy does not exist in the Penal Code for the police to arrest him.
“As police, our role is to implement the law as it is written. Unfortunately, there is no blasphemy in the Penal Code so we cannot arrest the man claiming to be Jesus,” she said.
It is not clear though whether the “Kitwe Jesus” is mentally stable or not and the reality has been left to guess work.

Zambia Daily Mail


  1. After afyala.dat guy is crazy.he does not even qualify 2 b a sunday sckul teacher.

  2. Mental disorder,he shd be taken to chainama! Ths tym pipo may just kill him,he almost lost hs life.

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