25 Zambian songs that should make your Christmas Party playlist

Makaziwe Mandela


It’s Christmas and some of us this is the only time we have cause to let loose and jive in song with family or friends. Here are 25 songs that make it hard for you to sit down when you play them at your party.

1. Kanselele-Krummy’s hit single has been slowly building momentum since is release in July this year. Over the last three months it has become the most played song on Radio, you just got to play it on Christmas.

2. Foolish Me-Chef 187- Chef 187 came out as an underground hard core rapper with typical Bemba lingo in his songs but he has since broken into the mainstream with ‘Love You’, ‘Kumwesu’ and finally ‘Foolish Me’. The beat on this song and the sing along hook coupled with Chef’s punch lines make it a winner.

3. Mbuyo Ya Mama- Dandy Krazy-Since his debut with Not Guilty that had such hits as ‘My Love’, ‘Bachelor’ and the mega hit ‘Chintelelwe’, Dandy Krazy has rocked stages around the country. Then came Dibili Dibili and now Mbuyo Ya Mama, another dance tune you should have heard by now.

4. Example-Afunika. The self-proclaimed king of new version Kalindula is a bankable hit maker that has kept the masses dancing since the debut album Malinso. His new album has such hits as ‘Chimusebo’, ‘Akabwali’ and ‘Efyo Mwampela’.

5. Chishala-Pentagon- New comer Pentagon took the game by storm with his hit single. His album is not even yet out and the song Chishala, almost a year after its releases, is still sending people to the dancefloor whenever it plays.


6. Kazizi ni Kazizi- Tyce. New comer Tyce has taken the game by storm with his his song Kazizi. The Remix features heavy weights JK and Petersen and a bevy of other artist and it’s a but still the original reigns supreme.

7. Ku Manda Kuli boring-Petersen. Zagaze has been hard at work putting out hit after hit. He knows how to take his fans to the dance floor. After the political hit singles ‘Animal Farm’ and ‘Bufi, ‘Ku Manda’ is a feel good song in line with his other hit ‘Sefula Boy’

8. Ku Manda- Chiko wise. It looked as if Chikowise had gone cold after dropping the massive hit ‘Shintwala’ with Afunika. His new song ‘Ku Manda’ with B1 has steadily risen to prominence and is now one of the songs of the moment.

9. Don’t Worry-JK. This is a party song, and the beat really thumps, nothing but pure fire from Jk, who has a number of hits and features to his belt. Hot!

10. Taili Fair- Mpande. Choma’s number one breakaway artist Mpande is now getting nationalwide radio play, thanks to his songs like Nchelele nchelele, Kayumi Mintengwe and of course this banger Taili Fair. If you don’t know about him it’s time to get familiar.


11. Saty K-Pempelo. This is a straight party song that gets dancing from the time it starts to its finish. Saty K has been up and down with his music but this tune here is strictly for the clubs.

12. Ukangupa Lisa-Espe- Espe came on the scene with Mistaken Identity and has been labelled as a Bostele singer. His new song follows in the like of his last hit and its one good dance song.

13. Lishe Ngoma-Sebastien Dutch VS LBC. LBC is well known as a huge house dance Dj and Sebastien Dutch has made house music his staple. This song features Pensulo and has that Kalindula feel, making it so authentic and of course the beat will get you dancing any given day.

14. Lobola-Zone Fam. The Chanel O Music Video Award winners Zone Fam have been constitently putting out party music for a long time. Produced by new comer Shom-C, this song picks up where ‘Contolola’ left off and the rest is history.

15. Nimakwanisa Mampi Ft Jose Chamilion. It is hard to pick a Mampi song because she has a string of hits in her catalogue. But this new song where she features Uganda’s Jose Chamilion is a winner, the beat, the dance hall feel and its summer time appeal make it all danceable.

Zone Fam 1

16. Walilowelela-Da Costa. DRC’s Da Costa broke into the Zambian music scene with his smash hits ‘Tshombwalange’ and ‘Touch Me’ and it seems he has fallen in love with Zambia because on his latest dance song ‘Walilowelela’ he sings in Bemba and Lingala, hence the songs making it on this list.

17. Google-Macky 2. Macky 2 suffers from the same disease as Mampi; too many hits! This song is a really good jam even though it samples Davido’s ‘Skelewu’ but it’s Macky 2 so we will give him a pass and just dance.

18. Remember-Slap Dee. Slap Dee’s ‘The Business album is packed with hits and this song is one of the best on the album. The stories in the song are quite emotional, but the beat sells it and the chorus seals it.

19. Matako- Redlinso. This is one of those songs you don’t play around your children even though it rocks. Forget the message and just dance to this nice pathos laced dancehall Zambian jam produced by Red Linso

20. Komboni Dugude- General Ozzy. The five star general has been on a musical hiatus for over three years and he is back with a bang. This new song will get you dancing and singing along after just the first play.


21. Folo Folo- OC. This list would not be complete with some of that Afro Pop jam we all played on repeat when it dropped and long afterwards. OC’s ‘Folo Folo’ fits this criteria and is bound to get you dancing, especially if you have your loved one with you.

22. Inyeleti- D2. P-jay has helped start up a lot of careers with his voice on a lot of upcoming artists features. This song from D2 has that press-repeat appeal, take a listen and prove us wrong.

23. Ifindingile-Izrael. This is a lovers song and suited to being played when you want to take it slow after dancing to all the songs above.

24. Beauty- Judy. Judy has consistently kept her fans happy with such hits like ‘Anaka’. This time around this recruits Jk for a sizzling hot jam that is worth playing several times.

25. Go Mama Go- Karasa. This mega hit shows no sign of slowing down its buzz. Karasa’s breakaway single should make your day, especially at a party.