Kitwe receive K65,000 women empowerment

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—-Kitwe district has received K65,000 under the women empowerment programme for distribution to various women groups in the district.


Kitwe District Commissioner, Elias Kamanga, who disclosed the development in Kitwe yesterday, said the money will be disbursed to the beneficiaries before the end of this month.


Mr Kamanga said the government was determined to improve the welfare of the women and the vulnerable in society.


He said the money will help women improve their livelihoods by enhancing their income generation through various entrepreneurships that they are expected to embark on.


He added that government has also considered Kitwe district for the social Cash Transfer Scheme under which over 3000 aged and vulnerable people will be receiving cash money for their survival on a monthly or bi-monthly term.


The District Commissioner was speaking at the launch of Senseleni community organization, a non-governmental organization whose objective is to support the chronically ill and other vulnerable people in society.


And Mr Kamanga commended the directors of the community based NGO for coming up with an initiative that will supplement government’s efforts in taking care of the vulnerable people in society.


He said the PF government attaches great importance to issues affecting the vulnerable people and that it is engaged in finding lasting solutions to their various challenges.


He further noted that the role of looking after the vulnerable people cannot be left to government alone as it is too big and needs support from other stakeholders.


He also counselled the owners of the NGO to be prudent in managing the funds that will be provided to them by various donors and well-wishers.


He said government will also offer moral, technical and financial support to the organization whenever possible.

And Senseleni Community organization director, Protasho Mwansa, appealed to donors and corporate organizations to support the organization financially for it to take care of the vulnerable people.


Mr Mwansa said already the organization is taking care of 75 orphans, 5 aged people and three widows.