Kapiri council closes defaulting business houses

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Kapiri council closes defaulting business houses


Kapiri Mposhi, December 19, ZANIS ——– Kapiri Mposhi District Council Police Officers this morning swung into action to close all bars and liquor outlets operating outside stipulated time.


The council has also fined all affected bars and liquor outlets owners K450 each as penalty for not observing operation time.


Kapiri Mposhi District Council Acting Secretary Eugenia Shadunka disclosed to ZANIS that some bars and liquor outlets were opening to the public as early as 06:00 hours and closing around past midnight.


Ms Shadunka said the bars were also playing loud music to the intense dislike of the community in which they operate from.


She said the local authority will continue with its program of community policing in its bid to effectively implement the Nuisances Act.


“We have closed bars and imposed fines on their owners for flouting the law on the times of operation … this operation is ongoing and we are going to hugely enforce it during the festive season so that we have sanity in our district,” Ms Shadunka said.


The Council Police closed bars in Ndeke, Kawama and town center.


And Ms Shadunka has called on all bars and food outlets operating in the district to adhere to the requirements of the Food and Drugs Act.

The Council Secretary warned that all bars and food outlets operating in insanitary conditions in the district risk being closed.

“We are embarking on an operation to close bars and restaurants that are operating in dirty and insanitary environments this is to contain the outbreak of Cholera and other diarrheal diseases which are widespread especially this season,” Ms Shadunka said.

She noted that some proprietors were not observing the minimum health and sanitary standards required for one to run bars and food outlets which is in contravention with the Food and Drugs Act Cap 303 Section 7 and Chapter 295 of the Public Health Act.