Govt urged to rescind decision on minimum age requirement for Grade 1 enrollment,

Nakatindi School, just outside of Livingstone in Zambia

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) has called on government to rescind its decision not to allow children under the age of seven to be enrolled in schools.

Education Minister Dr. John Phiri has announced that Government will not allow schools to enroll candidates into Grade one under the age of seven starting next year.

YALI Executive Director, Andrew Nthewewe, has told QFM News that those days have gone when children have to reach the age of seven for them to be enrolled in school.

Mr. Nthewewe says government should clearly state what it intends to be doing with children who are below the age of seven but are capable of enrolling in Grade one.

He adds that the move government has taken is a threat to the education standards of the country and will not help children in anyway.

He says move will prompt parents to take their children to private schools shunning government schools.

Mr. Nthewewe explains that this will disadvantage parents and guardians who do not have enough money to take their children to private schools because they cannot afford to pay huge sums of money for their children.

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