Chiawa chief’s advisory committee banned

Chieftainess Chiawa
Chieftainess Chiawa
CHIAWA headmen have resolved that the existing chief’s advisory committee be banned as it is allegedly not serving the interests of the people.

This is according to the minutes of the traditional meeting held recently and attended by 22 Chiawa headmen.

Chairing the meeting, senior headman Mushonganhende told the gathering that the current chief’s advisory committee deserved to be banned as it was allegedly misleading Chieftainess Chiawa, and was corrupt and working against her subjects.

“The village headmen present supported this measure since its illegal allocation of land has left its subjects in total poverty,” the minutes read in part.

It was also resolved during the meeting that a new legitimate royal establishment committee be formed to closely monitor and work as traditional administration, and run all the affairs of the chiefdom, vested with power in the advisory aspects.

The committee will have representatives on affairs of land, health, education, legal and traditional ceremonies and persons to chair these committees would have to be from the royal family tree.

The committee would be registered and recognised by the Kafue District Council, House of Chiefs and ministries involved.

Among the issues the committee was tasked to perform were seeing to it that the community campsite, which was allegedly illegally sold to Nyumba Investment, was handed back to the Chiawa community,

Mbombochena, a heritage site meant to be a hunting ground for chiefs, also be given back to the royal family.

The other task was to ensure that Kairara, a burial site for chiefs, remained free from commercial activities as it was a heritage site and the re-introduction of the Chiawa traditional ceremony, among other issues.

The headmen also recommended that a Royal Family Tree be set up for it to give a committee of a royal establishment and stabilise the process of land distribution transparently, and 27 names were suggested to that effect.

The headmen have been at loggerheads with Chieftainess Chiawa whom they have accused of selling huge tracts of land such as the 15,160 hectares to four Zambians, the allegation the traditional leader has denied.

In a recent interview with Radio Phoenix monitored by the Sunday Times, Kafue Member of Parliament Obvious Mwaliteta confirmed having received complaints from Chiawa residents and assured them that he would not allow anyone to be displaced.

“I want to tell the people of Chiawa that no one will displace them, they won’t be displaced. It can be customary land but the people belong to Zambia and that customary land is in Zambia so they won’t be displaced and I think this has to come to an end,” he said.

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