Farmer hangs himself over K50 for fertiliser

hang suicide
hang suicide
A MAN of Kaungu Village in Chief Mukapa Katandula’s area in Kaputa has committed suicide after losing K50 meant for fertiliser.

Benson Chabala, 34, a farmer, hanged himself yesterday in the bush behind his compound after efforts to find his missing K50 failed.
Chilunda Ward Councillor Robert Chansa confirmed the incident in an interview with ZANIS in Kaputa yesterday.
Mr Chansa explained that Chabala, who had budgeted K600 for buying fertiliser, discovered that K50 was missing.
He asked his wife and other relatives if they had seen the missing money, but they all said they hadn’t.
Chabala is said to have then been so upset that he warned them that he would commit suicide if the money was not found.
He went to drink and after getting intoxicated, he went to the bush behind his compound with a rope and hanged himself to a tree.
Neighbours tried to save his life by taking him to a clinic but he died upon arrival.
Mr Chansa was disappointed at the death of Chabala, who he said used to have more money than the K50 he killed himself over.

Zambia Daily Mail