Chiefs deny cashing in on land

Chief Madzimawe arrives for the ATI forum with his Indunas in tow

Traditional Leaders have denied cashing in on Customary Land which has prompted government to ban the sale of such land.

Speaking to QFM News in separate interviews, Chief Madzimawe of the Ngoni-speaking people in Eastern Province says Traditional Leaders have received the news of the ban on the sale of customary land with reservations.

Chief Madzimawe explains that Traditional Leaders do not sale Land because the current Land Act of 1995 Section four (c) states that whenever an individual or agent is trying to convert Land the Head of State gives Authority.

He says Traditional Leaders give Land and when converting to customary Land to lease-hood Tania, a Traditional Leader is allowed to give concert by Law which is taken to Local Authorities who process the documents and finally Ministry of Lands for approval.

Chief Madzimawe has since urged senior government officials to desist from generalizing statements by being specific as not all Chiefs are corrupt.

And Chief Li-te-ta of the Lenje speaking people in Chibombo district says government over-reacted in coming up with a final position on ban of the sale of customary land without consulting Traditional Leaders.

Chief Liteta has since challenged Lands Minister Harry Kalaba to produce evidence of traditional leaders involved in the sale of customary land.