Opposition parties condemn Sata’s failure to attend Mandela’s memorial

South Africans pay last respects to Mandela
South Africans pay last respects to Mandela

The opposition United Liberal Party (ULP) has expressed surprise at the decision by President Michael Sata not to attend the late former South African president Nelson Mandela’s memorial service after declaring a 7-day national mourning period in his honor.

Party president Sakwiba Sikota says after declaring 7 days of national mourning for the late Mr. Mandela one would have expected that President Sata would go on to attend the memorial attended by over 100 world leaders.

Mr. Sikota however notes that the decision by president Sata to declare 7 days of national mourning for the late Mr. Mandela is a good move befitting a world leader of his kind.

He says according the Mr. Mandela 7 days of national mourning is an indication of the great importance Zambia has placed on his funeral.

Mr. Sikota says this is why it was important that Zambia should have been represented at the highest level just like other heads of state from other countries had to postpone their planned programs to honor the late Mr. Mandela by attending his funeral.

The ULP president was speaking in an interview with Qfm.




  1. Does anybody know why President Sata did not go to Mandela’s memorial?? Why would a sitting president from the FIRST country Mandela visited upon his release from prison, not show respect by Attending Mandela’s memorial?

    Was there something personal or he had urgent matters of the country to attend to?

    Mr President, before the opposition make an issue out of the absence, can you educate the nation?