TIZ describes Mulongoti’s attacking remark as unnecessarily belligerent

Mike Mulongoti
Mike Mulongoti

Transparency International Zambia has described as unwarranted and unnecessarily belligerent People’s Party President Mike Mulongoti’s attacks on the organization.

TIZ Information officer Mubiana Nalwendo says Mr. Mulongoti deliberately distorted the meaning of the statement by TIZ President Lee Habasonda on politicians not being trusted.

Mr Nalwendo says Mr. Habasonda’s remarks emanates from empirical evidence including results from various studies worldwide as well as Zambia’s own Bribe Payers’ Index (2012) which indicates that the general public do not adequately trust politicians in the fight against corruption.

He says Mr. Mulongoti should not pretend that Zambia does not have a sad record of politicians who speak eloquently about fighting corruption in opposition but fail to deal with the scourge of corruption once in power.

Mr Nalwendo has reminded Mr.Mulongoti that the construction sector during the MMD government and with him as Works and Supply Minister was beyond doubt not spared by the unclear transactions as well as corrupt perceptions which he is well aware of.