PF wrestled power from MMD with appetizing promises – RB

Rupiah Bwezani Banda RB
Rupiah Bwezani Banda RB
Former President Rupiah Bwezani Banda says the Ruling Patriotic Front PF wrestled power from him as a result of its appetizing promises.

Speaking in Lusaka today when he officially launched a project on increased Accountability and Dialogue on Political Party Manifesto Development in Zambia, aimed at making Elected Political Party Leaders Account for Electoral and Campaign Promises to the electorate running from 2013-2016, Mr Banda commended the Foundation for Democratic Process FODEP for taking the first step to encourage democratic accountability.

Mr. Banda says it is imperative that the citizenry are allowed an opportunity to inform political parties and stakeholders on issues that affect them especially those related to Social and Economic Rights and Constitutionalism as the country continues to make strides in the consolidation of Democracy.

Mr. Banda has therefore encouraged both new and old political parties in the Country to learn how to design attainable manifestoes by learning from experienced parties especially those that have been or are still in power by continuously analyzing their performance and stated manifestoes.

Mr Banda has since expressed optimism that the project will ignite public conservation on political Party manifestoes as a political subject as the country head towards the 2016 tripartite Elections.

And FODEP President Sheppard Chilombe says the project which will run for one year has four main objectives which include engendering a culture of political party accountability aimed at tracking and reporting of manifestoes pledges vis-a-vis service delivery and policy implementation levels by elected leaders and government.