Police launch manhaunt for gunman

armed robbery
armed robbery

Central province police commissioner Standwell Lungu has disclosed that the armed gunman who shot dead a Zambia Wild Life Authority (ZAWA) officer in Serenje at the weekend is still on the run.

ZANIS in Serenje reports that police have now established that the armed man stole over K20,000 cash and property worth about K23,750 from two lodges in Serenje.

The ZAWA investigations officer, Webbyster Chitambala ,44,was shot dead by the robber at Kasholela lodge in the early hours of the morning.

The gunman earlier attacked the guard at the lodge and a Pentecostal Assemblies of God Bishop before going for Chitambala who was sleeping in a room with a workmate who was in the toilet during the incidence.

The robber who is believed to be the same one who earlier in the night attacked the guard and two female Lusaka based American Peace Corps Volunteers at Salala lodge was armed with a pistol.

Victims from both lodges described the robber as tall, slim and wore an overall, a mask, and a woman’s wig and speaks good English.

And Central province police commanding officer Standwell Lungu has confirmed to ZANIS in Serenje that the robber went away with K8000.00 cash from Chitambala’s room.

Mr Lungu said at Salala, the robber sole cash amounting to K800 and a receipt book belonging to the lodge and property including laptops, digital cameras, cell phones, and an American passport.

Other items include a Barclays bank Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card and clothes valued at K17, 700 and about K17, 700 cash belonging to two Lusaka based American Peace corps volunteers.

He said the robber also stole property worth about K6050.00 which includes a gold wrist watch, cell Phones, car keys and cash amounting to about K17000 belonging to Chitambala, the guard and the Bishop.

Mr Lungu said Police have launched a man and appealed to members of the public with information leading to the arrest of the robber to report to the nearest police station.