Rota vaccine launched in Kaputa

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Kaputa district medical officer
Emmanuel Mung’omba has called for public support towards the rota vaccine programme

in order to achieve the desired results.

Dr. Mung’omba observed that the vaccine will go a long way in reducing
diarrheal diseases in children.

He explained that the vaccines has worked well in other districts
including Lusaka where it was first piloted noting that there is need
for the community in Kaputa to support   it  if it is to record
desired results.

Dr. Mung’omba said this when he officially launched the Rota Vaccine
and the Child Health Week in Kaputa district today.

Rota vaccines is an oral vaccine given to children between the ages of
six weeks and 32 weeks to protect them from severe diarrhea and
vomiting caused by the rotavirus.

Dr. Mung’omba explained that the vaccine is for children between these
age groups because it is very effective .


However, children above the age of 32 weeks will be given normal treatment of diarrhea and

He has however dispelled fears that the vaccines may have side effects
on children noting that like other vaccines there could only be mild
reactions which may come in the form of rashes in some children.

Dr. Mung’omba also assured the public that the vaccine is very safe as
proved in other districts.

The medical officer has further explained that the vaccine will be administered even after the child health

week and beyond in all the health centers in Kaputa and other
parts of the country.

The Child Health week in Kaputa district will run from today December 9 to December, 14, 2013.