East PF members don’t want Chishala

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East PF members don’t want Chishala

Petauke, December 9, 2013, ZANIS….The PF in Petauke district have called for the resignation of the paty’s provincial vice interim chairperson Chilufya Chishala.

District publicity secretary Ledger Tembo accused Mr Chilufya of disrespecting some of the district party leaders adding that the district does not recognize Mr Chilufya as an interim vice chairperson.

ZANIS reports that Mr Tembo said he did not know Chishala as interim vice chairperson and people wanted to know how he ascended to the position.

 Mr Tembo said in a walk in interview with ZANIS in Petauke that district officials were shocked when Mr Chilufya introduced himself as interime vice chairperson at a meeting that was held by provincial chairperson Lameck mangani recently.

He stated that during the members of the ruling party in the district were not comfortable with Mr Chilufya and demanded that he explains how he ascended to the position.

“We asked him to leave because he was portraying MMD characteristics,” he said.

And when contacted for a comment, Mr Chishala said the PF members in Petauke should show political maturity saying that contrary to the claims by some of the members that they did not recognize him as vice chairperson he was made one by the interim leadership because they saw it fit to work with him as he was a bonafide member of the party.

Mr Chishala said the behavior of some of the PF members in Petauke left much to be desired adding that Petauke alone was not Eastern Province but one of the districts in the province and as such the members in Petauke should not hold the party to ransom.

He has since advised the members in the province to remain united and focused adding that the prime job the members should focus on was that of recruiting new members and not fighting each other.