Drexel Varsity on student exchange programme

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A team of experts from the University of Drexel in Philadelphia in the United States of America (USA) has arrived in the country for a two-day education partnership exploration programme.

Prof Shannon Marquez and Prof Julie Mostov are in the country to engage learning institutions and government departments on a student exchange programme.

The programme, which has been organised by World Vision Zambia Office, is among other issues aimed at equipping students and staff working in areas of engineering, medicine and water affairs.

Speaking during the preamble discussion with University of Zambia (UNZA) management, prof Mostov said Drexel University recognises Zambia as one of the countries with a rich education background.

And Prof Marquez said Drexel University is pleased to have on board Zambian students for an education exchange programme in order to expose them to international experiences of evolving changes in various academic disciplines.

And UNZA Public Relations Officer, Stanslous Chewe, said once the exchange programme materialises it will greatly benefit Zambian students and further expose them to other international academic standards.