Over 10,000 Pemba villagers in health limbo

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Kanchoba community rural health center in Pemba district of Southern province is operating in a makeshift structure posing a danger to over 10,000 villagers who access services at the facility.


This is because the clinic had its roof blown off by strong winds last month for a second time in two years.


The clinic housed the drug store, delivery room, treatment room and screening room.


The initial out-patient department (OPD) was also blown off two years ago and services were moved to the building whose roof has now also been blown off.


Medical authorities in the area say the structure was weak and could have aided the disaster as it was discovered that the planks were rotten .


At the time of the disaster there were two mothers who had just delivered but none of them was injured.


According to a report submitted by Pemba district medical office, the clinic has moved to a makeshift structure making it difficult to provide effective services such as deliveries, admissions, drug storage and child health services.


Kanchomba community rural health center provides services to about 10,000 people and the current working conditions are posing a great danger to the community.


The Pemba Medical Office recommended that the clinic will have to have the whole roof removed and part of the wall demolished to create a lintel around the window level, and the new roof be constructed to give it a stronger base.