Sata’s statement with regards the constitution saddens Bishop Mambo

Bishop John Mambo
Bishop John Mambo
Former Church of God Overseer Bishop John Mambo has described as disappointing the statement attributed to President Michael Sata with regards the constitution.

Bishop Mambo told Qfm in an interview that President Michael Sata was a very strong proponent of a people driven constitution during his time in the opposition, to extent of promising the Zambian people a new constitution within 90 days of the PF coming to power.

Bishop Mambo notes that the best President Sata can do is to give the Zambian people the constitution they have been waiting for instead of u-turning at such a stage when a lot of public resources have been spent on the constitution making process.

He adds that Zambians embraced the technical committee trusting that they would have a constitution that would stand the taste of time once and for all.

Bishop Mambo says a new constitution would be the best gift the Patriotic Front would give to the Zambian people.