Judge orders arrest of business executive


SOURCE- $Times_of_Zambia

THE Lusaka High Court has ordered the arrest of a Lusaka business executive for failing to appear in court yesterday.

This is in a matter in which Mohammed Patel is charged with causing death by dangerous driving.
Supreme Court Judge Evans Hamaundu, who sat as High Court Judge, issued a bench warrant to have Patel, 43, of house number 396A, Makeni in Lusaka, arrested.
Mr Justice Hamaundu said he wanted, if possible, Patel to be arrested yesterday and be kept in custody until Monday.
He is facing one count of causing death by dangerous driving contrary to the law.
It is alleged that Patel on July 21, 2012 in Lusaka did cause the death of Godfrey Sitwala while driving a Toyota Corolla, registration number ABC 7492, on Mosque Road, in a manner which was dangerous to the public and other road users.
Patel was scheduled to take plea yesterday but when his name was called out, he was not in court.
At this point, the arresting officer informed the court that he had informed Patel about his schedule to appear in court and went as far as calling him yesterday morning to remind him but his mobile phone was off.
The officer told the court that he made a further attempt of going to Patel’s shop where he informed his workers to remind him to go to court.
Mr Justice Hamaundu ordered that Patel be arrested and be locked up in custody until December 9, 2013.
“Arrest him and put him in custody and bring him on Monday. I don’t want to see him using that ordinary door but this other door (which is used by those in detention) and it is better you lock him up today,” Mr Justice Hamaundu said.

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