Govt reiterates commitment to promote disability rights

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Government says it is committed to promote the rights of persons with disabilities in the country.

Kafue District Commissioner, Grace Ngulube, noted that persons with disabilities are faced with a number of barriers hindering them from participating fully and effectively in the development of the country.

Ms Ngulube noted that there is need for more awareness about challenges faced by persons with disabilities in the communities and advance the global efforts to removing the barriers.

The District Commissioner said this during the commemoration of World Disability Day in Kafue district today under the theme “Breaking barriers, open doors; for an inclusive society”.

Speaking earlier Chairman for the Zambian National Association for people with disability, Stanly Musanto, called on people from all walks of life to stop stigmatizing and discriminating persons with disabilities.

Mr Musanto said there is need to support disabled persons in advocating for their rights and support.

He added that one of the challenges the persons with disabilities face is that they are denied access to structures such as banks and shops.

Mr Musanto said most structures in the country do not have provision for wheel-chairs and clutches.