African Swine Fever contained

African Swine Fever.jpg

Government says ninety percent of the work has been done in containing the African Swine Fever (ASF) which broke out in Lusaka province recently.

Agriculture and Livestock Deputy Minister, Luxon Kazabu, has disclosed to QFM News in a telephone interview that government is managing to contain the outbreak owing to the cooperation of farmers.

Mr. Kazabu explains that African swine fever, which killed more than one thousand six hundred and eighty two pigs last month, prompted the government to quickly move in and take necessary steps.

Mr. Kazabu has however, applauded officers on bio-security check points at Kafue Bridge, West Wood Police, Kabangwe Police and Nkalambwe for effectively monitoring the movement of pigs in and out of Lusaka Province.

Government through the Department of veterinary has banned slaughtering of pigs at the abattoirs within Lusaka as well as the movement of pigs and sell of pig products following the outbreak of African Swine Fever.