No need for further delay in releasing the final draft – YALI

Zambia draft Constitution
The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) says there is no need for further delay in releasing the final draft constitution when the technical committee draft the document has completed YALI sees no need to delayits work.

Speaking to Q fm in an interview, YALI Executive Director Andrew Nthewewe says there is no need for government to continue holding to the document.

Mr. Nthewewe adds that producing only ten copies for ceremonial purposes is a jock, insisting that government allows the printing of as many copies to enable Zambians have access to the document.

He adds that the biggest fear is that the longer it takes to release the final draft document; it will be subject to more manipulation.

Mr. Nthewewe says Zambians are aware of the contents of the constitution, and that any attempt to doctor the documents will not work.

He states that by releasing the constitution government to the Zambian people, government will be doing itself a favour, stating that any further delays in releasing the draft constitution will only raise suspicions.


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