Chipata TV to create 200 jobs

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CHIPATA Television proprietor Wilson Phiri has projected to create about 200 jobs in the next two years to empower the local people.

Mr Phiri has also said the newly-launched station would only focus on programmes that would be relevant to the local community.
Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Mwansa Kapeya last Saturday launched Chipata Television and described it as a source of immense pride and honour for the residents of Chipata and Eastern Province as a whole.
Mr Phiri said the station planned to create about 200 jobs for the Zambian people and contribute to the development of the province through meaningful information dissemination.
Currently, the station has a workforce of 44 out of whom 24 are full-time employees while 20 are on a part time basis.
The station runs news, children’s programmes and other segments, broadcasts in Nyanja and English.
“The station is eagerly waiting for the correction of a typing error by the ministry on the Broadcasting licence granted to our TV station which indicated to cover only Chipata District instead of Eastern Province.
“We are planning to put the television station on satellite once the correction has been made. At the moment the following are the errors noted; frequency 671.25Mhz (UHF) instead of 671.250 Mhz, which is our visual Mhz sound on Channel 46,” he said.
Mr Phiri said the station only covered Chipata instead of Eastern Province, adding that the correction would result in the creation of 200 jobs through the opening up of more offices.
Mr Phiri, who was flanked by his general manager Thomas Zulu, said the vision of the station was to air programmes that would help the general populace and satisfy their needs.
He said the television station would seek to challenge the people in the province to aspire for better things as well as promote community understanding and unity.
Mr Phiri said the major objective of Chipata Television was to inform, educate and entertain the community through its various developmental programmes on agriculture, mining, health, civic education, news and general programmes that would reflect the culture of the local people.
He commended President Michael Sata for fulfilling his pledge to ensure that the station was granted a licence if the Patriotic Front came into power.

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