BAZ opposes ethanol imports


BIOFUEL Association of Zambia (BAZ) has urged the Government to
reconsider its decision to import ethanol from the neighbouring
BAZ president Thomson Sinkala said in an interview in Lusaka that the association was opposed to Government’s decision to start importing ethanol from Zimbabwe as it would disadvantage local producers and would be exporting jobs to that country.
“So we are advising Government to reconsider its decision to start importing ethanol from Zimbabwe, but should instead work towards
empowering local investors,” he said.
Professor Sinkala said it would be unfair for Government to start
importing ethanol from Zimbabwe at the expense of empowering local
He said his members had been waiting for more than eight years for Government to announce the blending ratios.
He added that members could only
start producing the commodity once they were given the prices which Government
would be ready to accept.
Prof Sinkala said the Government should introduce incentives in the
biofuel industry to enable players access equipment meant for processing the commodity.
He said with the availability  of raw materials in the country, there   was need to create an enabling environment to allow more players get involved in the industry.
Prof Sinkala said setting up of specific funds for production could
help more people venture into production of biofuels in Zambia.


Times of Zambia