Start fertiliser distribution, Choma DACO told

Robert Sichinga
AGRICULTURE and Livestock Minister Robert Sichinga has directed Choma District Agricultural Coordinator (DACO) to start distribution of 16,979 by 50kg bags of D-Compound fertiliser this week.

The district, which had so far received 16,979 by 50kg of D-Compound, was expected to receive a total of 60,800 by 50kg bags.

Mr Sichinga said on Saturday when he inspected storage sheds that the DACO should start distributing the D-Compound fertiliser this week while waiting for the remaining consignment.

“So far, we have no problems with availability of D-Compound in Choma and I can assure residents that urea will also be delivered sooner.

“But for D-Compound which has already arrived, you can start distributing it this week,” he said.

He said there was no need to hold on to the fertiliser which was already available in the district.

Mr Sichinga, who was accompanied by senior officials from the ministry, was on tour of some districts in the province to monitor the delivery of farming inputs and challenges being encountered by farmers.

He said a variety of seed would also be delivered to Choma this week and urged the farmers not to panic as Government was making concerted efforts to ensure inputs were delivered on time.

He said the Patriotic Front (PF) Government was determined to develop the agriculture sector to enhance the national food security through timely distribution of fertiliser and seed.

Earlier, Choma District Cooperative Union manager Esau Muzuni told the minister that the district was expected to receive 60,800 by 50kg bags of D Compound fertiliser.

Mr Muzuni, however, bemoaned the inadequate storage capacity for farming inputs in the district and called for more sheds to be built.

Southern Province Deputy Permanent Sectary Douglas Ngimbu and Choma District Commissioner Bernadette Hamweemba were among Government officials who accompanied Mr Sichinga on the inspection of the sheds.