Uncle Rex and his band’s jazz performance at Kitwe’s KEG and Copper Smith

MULTI-AWARD winning guitarist Uncle Rex
MULTI-AWARD winning guitarist Uncle Rex

MULTI-AWARD winning guitarist Uncle Rex and his band were last weekend in their usual element as they delivered a two-night truly soothing jazz performance at Kitwe’s KEG and Copper Smith Restaurant and Pub at Copperhill Shopping Centre on the Chingola-Kitwe Road.
This was indeed Uncle Rex at his best!
All the elements were there!
There was Uncle Rex himself, Kennedy Shwana (bass guitar), John Samalama (keyboard), John “Joe Sax” Makasa (saxophone and conga drums) and Kuni Mulundika, Masialeti “Masi” Nyambe and Mark Zulu on vocals.
As a unit, they exuded some breath-taking drama and energy. Looking at the manner in which they performed, you may just have to say it was a practical example to up-and-coming musicians on how to perform live.
Indeed Uncle Rex and his band should serve as models in this era of pretenders on stage. They always bring something different to the stage, even rekindling the music and memories of yesteryears and this should be the hallmark of any band worth its name.
At KEG, their performance proved to be something that excited people as the audience took time to sing along. The band’s repertoire of songs ranged from Jazz, R’n’B, Reggae, Rhumba and Kalindula.
Uncle Rex is firmly established as one of the country’s finest jazz musicians.
“Experience, discipline and good management is what keeps us and we are highly talented, speaking the same language musically,” he says of his band.
Uncle Rex and the band are a major headliner for many corporate events where they bring out their unique contemporary artistry, improvisations, compositional skills, and technical proficiency in music.
The band aims to deliver a strong message through intellectual creativity while helping up-and-coming artistes to broaden their understanding of music beyond just the commercial boundaries.
“So far, we have done one song titled “Rhythm of Love” while working on a 10-track album which we hope will hit the market by early next year,” says Uncle Rex.
Uncle Rex is a real rhythm!

By MAPALO LUPUPA | Zambia Daily Mail