Recognize Sosala as Chitimukulu, Sata urged

"chitimukulu " Henry Kanyanta Sosala
Open Society Foundation has called on President Michael Sata to take steps to reconcile and recognize Henry Kanyata Sosala as Chitimukulu and gazette him in the interest of harmony between Government, the Royal establishment and Bemba-speaking people at large.

Mr Chanda says in the same manner that President Sata reconciled with the late Chitimukulu, he should take a similar route this time around with the Chitimukulu designate.

He says OSF further calls on President Sata to consider finding Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkandu Luo’s replacement stating that her divisive leadership on this subject has resulted in collateral damage which will not be easy to repair.

Mr Chanda says Professor Luo has failed to perceive that there is no value in antagonizing and intimidating the Mwine Lubemba.

He says the Minister has failed to understand that the fight against the Chitimukulu is a fight against the Bemba-speaking people as a whole.

Mr Chanda adds that OSF is disappointed that the PF Government, through the Minister of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs, has openly become confrontational with the Bemba-speaking people over the Chitimukulu recognition.

He states that the PF Government knows too well from history that the Bemba-speaking people will not shift loyalty from their indigenous traditional authority.

Mr Chanda has further challenged Northern province Minis ObIUS Chisala to explain the truth and rationale behind the reported heavy police presence at the Chitimukulu Palace in Kasama.

He cautioned Government that there is no value in antagonizing traditional establishments because these existed even before constitutional powers