PF needs soul searching to survive – Edgar Lungu

Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu says the survival of the ruling Patriotic Front depends on a soul searching exercise and eradication of all bad seeds in the party before it is choked.

Mr Lungu says the PF risks being contaminated by the bad seeds in the party which will eventually choke and kill the party by making it more unpopular.

He says the same crooks who infiltrated UNIP and MMD are same ones who are trying to make the ruling party unpopular as they did with the two former ruling parties leading to their ejection from power.

Mr Lungu who is also PF disciplinary committee Chairman says the ruling party is aware that a good number of people who are causing problems in the ruling party are the same ones who caused problems in MMD, leading to party being unpopular.

Responding to a question in Parliament today by Lupososhi Member of Parliament, Lazarous Chungu, who wanted to know whether Police are taking care of the possibility that there could be infiltration of the PF by cadres from other political party taking advantage of the wrangles in the party, Mr Lungu said such a possibility cannot be ruled out.

And Mr Lungu says Police are still pursuing the masterminds of last week’s intra party violence in the PF in which one person was killed and several others injured.


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