Sylvia Masebo’s Questions on PF Civil Disobedience

Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo
Tourism Minister Sylvia Masebo
  1. Do you think, Cooperate Governance is the solution moving forward? ( added November 13th 2013)
  2. Is unemployment or underemployment the cause of Civil Disobedience in the Party?
  3. What should be done to address Civil Resistance in the Party?

MaseboIt is displeasing to learn about the violence which occurred yesterday (Nov 7th) in the central business district (town). My heart goes out to those people who were injured and who lost their lives. Violence or civil disobedience is not the answer to solve the problems the Party is facing, but dialogue through correct structures will help us to move forward and to stay focus on developing this country as promised in our Manifesto. Let us adhere to the message given to us by His Excellency Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata, President of the Republic of Zambia and who is our Party president on this issue because we are One Zambia One Nation.


  1. What does she by those who lost their lives?I thought one life was lost ie according to PF police

  2. Madam Masebo, when you are in the cabinet meeting then ask those questions and come and tell us the answers.
    It’s like your children are fighting in your home and then you start asking the neighbor what the problem is in your house.

    Those are your internal issues, we have no answer for you except mweka mweka imwe

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