Only 26% or 3.4 million of Zambians are connected to Electricity

ONLY 26 per cent ( 3.4 million) out of the country’s over 13 million people have access to electricity, a senior ZESCO official has disclosed.

Presenting a paper on the electricity distribution and challenges in Kalomo during an Energy Regulation Board (ERB) district focus Meeting recently, Southern province acting Zesco regional manager, Bright Mwaipopo said the country’s electricity deficit still stands at 165 mega watts compared to the 1,900 mega watts the power utility company generates and the current demand of 2,065 mega watts.

He however, said with the coming up of the ‘increased access to electricity’ programme with financial assistance from the World Bank, more people would be connected to the national grid.

And officiating at the meeting, Kalomo district commissioner, Patrick Phiri observed that the country had for some time now been experiencing power shortages which has resulted into load shedding attributed to high demand outstripping Zesco’s
generation capacity.

Mr Phiri notes that the extension of the Kariba North Bank which will add an extra 360 mega watts to the national grid.