Prioritise sport, says Kambwili

MINISTER of Youth and Sport Chishimba Kambwili has implored co-operating partners to prioritise sport and increase financial support in the development of sports, especially in Third World and developing countries.

Kambwili expressed worry at the pace the private sector was moving as regards to the development of sports in the Third World and developing African countries.
He said this on Friday during the 8th edition of the Peace and Sport International Forum in Monaco, France.
In a statement issued from Monaco yesterday by Zambian Embassy First Secretary for Economy and Trade Chisala Chibwe, Kambwili requested Peace and Sport International to intervene in building capacity in Third World countries if meaningful development in sports is to be realised.
He said there is need for co-operating partners to go beyond the hitherto technical support being offered to increasing capacity and funding of sports development, especially in Africa.
Kambwili was accompanied by his permanent secretary Agnes Musunga and other government officials.
In another session, where the civil society were of the view that governments do not listen to challenges youths face, Kambwili, on the contrary, alluded to the fact that governments listened to the issues concerning youth.
He acknowledged that unemployment is one of the major problems youths face globally and was quick to mention that governments were creating a conducive environment to the private sector to grow and create necessary employment for youth and to promote youth empowerment initiatives.
Kambwili appreciated the gathering that brought together governments and the private sector to come up with sustainable solutions, more especially for the youths.