PF leadership should take responsibility over death

PF Cadres in Pictures
PF Cadres in Pictures
Open Society Foundation Executive Director Sunday Chanda has implored the PF leadership to take full responsibility over the violence and loss of life as a result of internal party violence involving rival cadres yesterday.

Mr Chanda notes that the violence is as a result of failure to effectively resolve the differences in the ruling party sparked by calls for Secretary General Wynter Kabimba to be removed from his position.

He says the occurrences of yesterday reveal the magnitude of the divisions, bitterness and disunity which the party leadership must respond to immediately.

He says the death of the cadre should act as a wake-up call to the political leadership to do all it can to pull PF structures away from the brink.

Mr Chanda notes that while it will take time to heal inner divisions in the PF, it is not too late to prevent a catastrophe.

He says the ruling party must take immediate steps to seek a peaceful solution, supporting all attempts at dialogue to end the crisis within its rank and file.

He states that the PF leadership must not bury its head in the sand hoping for reconciliation to occur superficially.

Mr Chanda has called on all Zambians to condemn the killing and the criminals behind it.

He says there can be no justification for taking a life away and maiming others just to make political scores.


  1. PF leadership must truly take full responsibility, but knowing PF, this would be a miracle. Sata should remove both Kabimba and GBM, another miracle. Anyway, we regret having put PF into power, serious mistake.