Police prevent anti Kabimba PF protest

PF Cadres
Police in full riot gear today prevented Patriotic Front cadres in Lusaka from staging a protest against party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba who is facing renewed calls to resign from his position.

Police combed the area around the Freedom statue were the cadres had planned to converge for their anti Kabimba protest.

A check by a QFM news crew at the Freedom Statue found Police had combed the area with no sight of the PF cadres.

The cadres are demanding that President Michael Sata removes Mr. Kabimba as party secretary general.

Yesterday seven Lusaka district PF constituency chairpersons demanded the removal of Mr Kabimba and Lusaka province chairman Geoffrey Chumbwe.

The renewed calls for Mr Kabimba to be removed from his powerful party position come in the wake of what appeared to be reconciliation taking root in the ruling party.