Independence Day cheers Shangombo

Rich Bizzy and dancers at the PF victory party in

SHANGOMBO, a town on the border of Zambia and Angola in Western province is not as bad as people think it is.
Quite alright, the town may be small, but the fact is it too has a silver lining on it.
There are days and moments that the people that call this place home treasure so much.
One such moment came last week Thursday when Zambia was celebrating its 49th Independence anniversary.
Apparently, in Shangombo, is treated in a similar manner as Christmas and New Year festivals. Even Angolans come all the way from Rivungo to Shangombo to be a part of the celebrations.
Last Thursday was indeed a fascinating day for residents of Shangombo.
Obviously taverns, restaurants and guest houses must have reaped a fortune.
Even though government had planned a number of activities to celebrate independence, the locals had their own programme too.
A football tournament, a video show and mini concert at the civic centre were all part of government programme for the people of Shangombo.
There was food and drinks too. The locals seized the moment to showcase their talent.
A number of upcoming artistes also took to the stage at an event that was officiated by Information and Broadcasting deputy minister Poniso Njeulu.
Young models also showcased their modelling skills at the event.
From the civic centre, the party continued at the three local bars in the area.
Night patrons filled the joints to near capacity. They danced and drunk the night away, all in the name of celebrating Zambia’s independence.
it was great to note that the town is relatively peaceful. At least people managed to unite and celebrate Zambia’s 49th independence anniversary even outside the government programme.
Shangombo is not as boring as people think it is. No wonder they call it Shang City!