My future in PF is bright – Lubinda

Given Lubinda
Given Lubinda
Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda says his future in the ruling Patriotic Front is as bright as that of any member of the party.

Reacting to George Mpombo’s remarks that his future in the PF is bleak after President Michael Sata referred to him as a rebel, Mr. Lubinda says his future in the PF cannot be determined by Mr Mpombo.

Mr Lubinda says he does not need any fortune-teller to tell him about his future in the Patriotic Front.

He says it is regrettable that President Sata’s words have been dramatized by some media organizations.

He says President Sata’s purported comments as reported by the Post are to the contrary a non issue which people should not take as gospel truth.

Mr. Lubinda stresses the need for journalists to verify stories and desist from diverting attention to non issues.

The Kabwata Member of Parliament says he remains a strong and loyal member of the Patriotic Front.

Mr. Lubinda says contrary to Mr Mpombo’s negative imaginations his future in the PF cannot be washed away by one article.