Chongwe water blues water forces LWSC to transport water

Drinking Water, Water Supply, Fresh Water
Drinking Water, Water Supply, Fresh Water
The Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) has started to transport water using water bowsers to Chongwe following the drying up of Chongwe River as a short term mitigation measure to satisfy the basic needs of the people in the area.

Company Marketing and Public Relations Officer, Topsy Sikalinda has told QFM News that the utility company has no control over the use of water in the river as it also buys the water from the river in form of raw material which is later processed into drinking water.

Mr. Sikalinda says the company is considering sinking field boreholes in a nearby village about 10km from Chongwe town as it is the only nearby area with ground water, as Chongwe town has no ground water.

He says the water utility company has already prospected the area and engineers are doing geophysical surveys.

He states that the water levels have drastically reduced and this has made it difficult for the utility company to pump water to the residents of Chongwe.