Avoid extravagance, water utilities told

Drinking Water, Water Supply, Fresh Water
Drinking Water, Water Supply, Fresh Water
LOCAL Government and Housing Permanent Secretary Howard Sikwela has advised water utility companies to avoid being extravagant and ensure that the proposed tariff adjustment contributes to effective implementation of their companies’ strategic business plans.

Reverend Sikwela who was speaking when he officiated at the end of a project meeting on the Sustainable Water and Sanitation in Africa (SUWASA’s) support to National Water Supply and Sanitation Council (NWASCO) said money collected from tariffs should be prudently invested in improving provision of services for customers.
He said consumers who paid the tariffs should get value for their money and that the Ministry would not tolerate any abuse of such resources.
“It will be difficult to improve service delivery without strict adherence to the principles of good governance such as accountability and transparency,” Rev Sikwela said.
Rev Sikwela said corporate governance was a requisite to improving economic performance and was therefore critical to achieving the desired gains highlighted in the Sixth National Development Plan (SNDP).
“It is for this reason that the Government through the ministry has established functioning boards for all the 11 water and sewerage companies to provide policy guidelines in order to improve service delivery,” he said.
NWASCO board chairperson Levi Zulu said SUWASA’s technical assistance had aided the review of the tariff model which now reflected the actual utility cost of services which would promote cost recovery in the urban water sector.
“NWASCO has continued to provide leadership in the field of regulation of the water sector and is committed to ensuring that gains made thus far are not eroded,” Mr Zulu said.