Animosity among senior PF officials is costing the nation – Tayali

Given Lubinda
Given Lubinda
Zambian Voice says the animosity among senior Patriotic Front officials is costing the nation development.

Executive Director Chilufya Tayali says this because the people who are supposed to be executing the party manifesto are busy bickering.

Mr Tayali says the tension in the ruling party is a source of concern.

He wonders why disciplinary action has noted been taken swiftly against erring senior party officials the same way cases involving for Lusaka and Eastern province chairperson Lukas Phiri and Davies Chama were handled.

He also points to the case involving Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda as one such which was quickly dealt with.

Mr Tayali wonders what has taken the party this long to deal with his matter despite nationwide protests against his leadership of the ruling party.