KK urges Zambians to support Sata


FORMER President Kenneth Kaunda has called on Zambians to support President Sata in his quest to develop the country.
Speaking in Kitwe yesterday during an Independence Day investiture ceremony at Kitwe Playing Fields, Dr Kaunda described President Sata as a “very junior” wise man.
“You are a wonderful young man. You are my junior. A very wise junior,” Dr Kaunda said.
Dr Kaunda said President Sata has managed to change the face of the country in the two years the Patriotic Front (PF) government has been in office.
He is happy that Government is taking development to all parts of the country.
Dr Kaunda said President Sata managed to put Zambia on the world map when Zambia co-hosted the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) general assembly with Zimbabwe in August this year.
“My Governor, you put Zambia on the world map when you hosted the United Nations World Tourism Organisation general assembly together with your brother President Robert Mugabe,” he said.
And Dr Kaunda urged Zambians to continue living in peace.
Dr Kaunda said meaningful development cannot be achieved without peace.
“Where there is peace, development takes place. I was happy when President Sata embraced Robert Mugabe during the UNWTO general assembly after Mr Mugabe took on the western nations.
“The officials from western countries started storming out of the assembly but what does Sata do, he goes and embraces President Mugabe. I was very happy,” Dr Kaunda said.
He took a swipe at some people who are criticising Government, saying President Sata’s administration has demonstrated commitment to improving the welfare of Zambians.
“What are these people saying about President Sata? We have beautiful roads, schools, clinics and hospitals. What are you talking about?” he said.
Dr Kaunda also said the creation of new districts across the country is a good development.
He thanked Kitwe residents for turning up in large numbers for the independence celebrations.